Thames: Presentation

A selection of presentation used by Thames Television.


Transmitter Announcement

Slide: 1970s-1981

Slide: 1982-1988

Christmas Slides

Winter 1989

Spring 1989

1989 Summer
To Celebrate its 21st birthday.

September 1989 – September 1991

1991-92: Slide




1985: Promo

1985: Promo

1988 promo Sting

1988 promo endbroad

1988 promo

1989 Promgramme promo
Januaray – Spring

1989 Tuesday Line up

1989 promo endbroad

1991-92: Promo endbroad


News Clocks
Used until 1989

Closedown Clocks
Until 1988

Standard Clock 1989-1992


1990-1992: Break Bumper

Night Thoughts


Front and Endboards


Late 1980s.


Thames… A Talent for Television

In 1992, Thames lost its (by then renamed) ‘Channel 3’ franchise to broadcast to London during weekdays as a result of losing the silent auction used to renegotiate the expiring contracts (previous contract tenders had been based on merit alone – the record of incumbents against the potential of new applicants – with no cash element). The successful company was Carlton Television, a subsidiary of Carlton Communications and headed by Michael Green. A special montage ended the station’s last broadcast on New Years Eve 1992. The montage, variants of which were also aired in the last days of the station’s broadcasts, comprised clips of notable Thames programmes, and included short segments of some of the station’s previous idents. It was played to the song “I Only Want To Be With You” by The Tourists, and ended with a modified version of the ident used at the time and announcer Bruce Hammal reading the line “Thames, a Talent for Television”. This was followed by the sounds and image of Big Ben, a common practise for marking the start of the New Year, which was also the time that Thames’s ITV franchise would end but not before ITN showed their news report.

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