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Latest Updates

Sky One: 1993-1995

Sky One adopted a new look on 1st September 1993 as part of the launch of the new Sky Multi-Channels package.


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RTE News: 2014-2019

RTE News launched a new look on Saturday 26th April 2014. The new look was designed by RTE Graphic Design.

ITV Regions

ITV is a network of television channels that operate regional television services as well as sharing programmes between each other to be displayed on the entire network.

Channel Television: 1962-1999

Channel Television (also previously branded as CTV) is a British television station which has served as an Independent Television (ITV) contractor to the Channel Islands since 1962.


CBeebies is a BBC television network for programming aimed at encouraging “learning through play in a consistently safe environment for children aged 6 or under”, and providing “high quality, mostly UK-produced programmes”.

Westcountry Live: 2004-2006

All ITV Regions unveiled a new generic look to their news programmes on Monday 2 February 2004 to co-incide with the launch of ITV plc.

CBeebies Presentation: 2002-

CBeebies launched on 11 February 2002. Presentation is similar to the ‘Blobs’ also introduced when CBBC launched on the same day.

BBC Two 2018: Idents

On 27 September 2018, the 2 idents were retired and BBC Two introduced a new set of idents, based on scenes incorporating a curve motif resembling the number 2.

BBC News Channel: 2013-

The BBC News Channel relocated to the newly refurbished Broadcasting House on 18 March 2013. The move also introduced refreshed on-screen graphics for the channel and new presentation.

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