BBC Two: 2009-2018

A Fleeting Glimpse…

In October 2008, insiders on TV Forum revealed that BBC Two were planning to modify their presentation. As part of a round of tweaks, the Cappuccino, Chase, Tent and Mirror A idents were to be axed.

The new look Sunroof was broadcast at 6am on 1st October 2008.

As the above clip shows, the teal box was nowhere to be seen, apparently succeeded by a BBC logo positioned in the bottom right corner of the screen. But then something perculiar occurred: the following junction at 11am saw the box mysteriously reappear. An eleventh hour reprieve? That certainly seemed to be the case and save for an erroneous midnight playout of Seascape presented in the format above, no sign of any new presentation was seen for the remainder of the day or the days that followed.

Postponed or cancelled? No-one knew. The original presentation then remained in use until June 2009.