CBBC: 2002-2005

Monday 11th February 2002 saw the launch of the CBBC Channel on Freeview, satellite and cable. With it came a new look for the whole of CBBC, including presentation on CBBC on BBC One and BBC Two. On the same day, the BBC launched CBeebies. Programmes for children under 6 years of age were moved from CBBC to the new channel (which had a similar look). Green blobs, better known as ‘bugs’ were the main component of this identity, and were versatile (due to their ‘morphing’ nature) whilst remaining recognisable.

In-Vision Continuity

From 2002-2004, two sets were used by CBBC – one in TC2 (a studio also home to daily CBBC show Xchange) used by the CBBC Channel, and one in TC9 (home to CBBC since the 1990s) used by CBBC on BBC One and BBC Two. Then, in 2004, new sets were used – TC9 was now used by the CBBC Channel (with a similar set to that used in its previous studio), and TC10 now used by CBBC on BBC One and BBC Two. This might seem rather extravagent these days – now, only the digital channel has in-vision continuity, and in a very small broom cupboard-esque studio (rather like when CBBC first launched!).

TC9: 2002-2004

TC2: 2002-2004

TC10: 2004-2006

TC9: 2006-2006




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Station Launch
After the main CBBC slot on BBC One on Friday 9th February 2002, the bugs ‘invaded’ the following junction as a teaser for Monday’s launch of the new digital channel.

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