CBBC 30th Anniversary – 2015

On Wednesday 9 September 2015 Children BBC/CBBC celebrated the 30th anniversary of the CBBC ‘Broom Cupboard’. The milestone was marked with an hour-long programme featuring 30 former Children’s BBC presenters. Phillip Schofield presented the first slot for the all-new ‘Children’s BBC’ at 15:55 BST on 9 September 1985 on BBC One. Unlike Children’s ITV, which was prerecorded until 1987, CBBC was completely live.

Cheryl Taylor, Controller of CBBC says: “We’d be delighted to welcome all the stars back to CBBC for this special event. Even Gordon is welcome – as long as he’s a good gopher! So he’s on the guest list… for now”

To mark the anniversary, a 60-minute live programme, Hacker’s Birthday Bash, hosted by current presenters Hacker T Dog, Cel Spellman, Katie Thistleton and Dodge T Dog will bring more than 20 former presenters and puppets together, as well as exclusively announcing the newest recruit to the CBBC Presentation team live on air!

Phillip Schofield says: “I can’t believe it’s 30 years since I welcomed viewers to the first afternoon of Children’s BBC. I had great fun in the BroomCupboard, learning the skills of live TV. If you can introduce Newsround with a fluffy Gopher squeaking next to you, you can handle anything! I’m delighted to be involved in CBBC’s anniversary celebrations. Here’s to the next 30 years.”

More presentation will be added here shortly.

Edd the Duck and Andy Crane
BBC Breakfast

3.55 First link on 9th September 2015
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Classic ident
CBBC Channel; 16.30

Classic ident plus studio
CBBC Channel; 17.10

Classic ident plus studio
CBBC Channel; 17.30

30th anniversary show
CBBC Channel; 18.00


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