Channel 4: 2015-

Channel 4’s new presentation package launched on 29 September 2015 and were created by 4creative and dblg, with the idents being director by Jonathan Glazer. The presentation uses the nine original block from the ch4 logo, while the idents have become somewhat surreal.

The refreshed identity reflects Channel 4’s public service remit focussed on innovation, diversity and taking creative risks and is the latest evolution of a brand that has existed in its current form for over a decade. We didn’t want to tell people what channel they’re watching. We wanted to tell them why they’re watching it in the first place. They watch because Channel 4 stands for something important. We wanted the new branding to reflect this.

We started with the original, iconic Lambie Nairn 4 logo and broke it down into its constituent parts; the nine blocks. The blocks represent Channel 4’s incredibly diverse qualities. The blocks are free to demonstrate our remit; to be irreverent, innovative, alternative and challenging. They are free to flow through everything on the channel: our typeface, on-screen menus, on-screen graphics, off-air logo, Channel 4 News, Channel 4 Racing, all the way through to the idents.

The idents present the blocks as kryptonite-like. They tell the story of their origin and how they have a powerful impact on the world around them. Just as Channel 4 does. It is a story that we shall build on.