E4: 2013-2018

E4 unveiled a new look on Thursday 31st October 2013. Devised by E4 creative director Neil Gorringe, the branding is supposed to reaffirm “the channel’s British roots with a humour and irreverence that viewers have come to love”.

The focus of the new branding is Eefer, a robotic embodiment of the channel’s familiar logo. Eefer will communicate with viewers on-screen via a purple placard he carries and off-screen via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, as well as E4’s YouTube and Spotify channels.

E4 group marketing manager, Charlie Palmer,

“It was important that we maintained E4’s humour, irreverence and purpleness but with the new branding and Eefer, we wanted to try something truly distinct and invite viewers to engage with us in a way no other channel does.”