Film4: 2014-2018

Film4 launched a new look on Tuesday September 2nd 2014.

The films feature movie references throughout and were shot using a custom built in-camera device to create a moving film strip effect. Idents were shot in five locations in the US and UK including Brighton’s Grand Hotel and a gas station in California.

ManvsMachine creative director Mike Alderson said:

We wanted to avoid genres, such as horror or sci-fi, as they can feel a bit clichéd, and create a set of moods instead. Locations are deliberately ambiguous and each film starts off ambiguously, before being taken in a different direction. There’s a sense of wonderment in the children riding bikes, while the tyre is a bit more aggressive, and the police car suggests something darker and more ominous,” he adds. “In the woods, the light provides a nod to Moonrise Kingdom, but avoids anything overtly ‘sci-fi’.