Channel 5: February 2016 –

Channel 5 unveiled a new look at 9.15am on Thursday 11th February 2016.

Viacom has worked with several production companies to create new idents for the channel. The new 5 logo sees the number broken into segments, which, like Channel 4’s, can be animated and deconstructed or re-arranged on-screen. Different colours and textures will also be added to reflect different moods and types of content.

Channel 5’s colour palette is made up of eight gradations, spanning pink, purple, green, blue and orange, and on-screen messaging will speak to viewers in a warm and friendly tone, with messages such as ‘see you soon’, ‘welcome back’ and ‘settle in’ set in typeface Nobel Light.

The project was led by Channel 5’s VP of marketing, Jo Bacon and Jody Malam, creative director at MTV. Bacon says the new look is inspired by the idea of presenting ‘spirited TV with an emotional heart’, reflecting Channel 5’s new positioning.