CITV: 1991-1993

Central won back the contract to produce the continuity links for CITV from 1 April 1991, choosing to revert links back to a small in-vision studio and using one regular presenter, Tommy Boyd. During the 1991-3 era, greater importance was being placed throughout television on promotions (trailers) as a way of effectively detailing areas of the schedule to viewers who might not know about them. The 1993 invitation to tender for the provision of the Children’s ITV service specified a minimum number of high quality trailers that the successful applicant must produce over the term of the contract. With a large promotions department, the contract remained with Central.

Credits: Aidan Lunn, Benriggers and DELTIC1976.

Corporate CITV ident: used until 30th January 1993. It was used mainly for start and end of CITV

Ident for breaks

Studio and presenters shot

Later advert string