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Associated Television (ATV), a former British television company, was awarded the franchise by the Independent Television Authority (ITA) to provide the Independent Television service at weekends for the London region. This service started on Saturday, 24 September 1955 and was extended until Sunday, 28 July 1968. ATV was also awarded the franchise to provide the weekdays Independent Television service for the Midlands region. This service started on Friday, 17 February 1956 and was extended until Monday, 29 July 1968.

Subsequent to the changes made by the ITA to the regional structure of the Independent Television service, ATV was awarded the franchise to provide a seven-day Independent Television service for the Midlands region which started on Tuesday, 30 July 1968 and was finally extended until 00:34 on Friday, 1 January 1982.


1955 – 1959
The first ident from ATV, featuring that soon to be familiar logo.

This ident was used to promote the fact that back in the day, ATV broadcast to the Midlands during the week and London during the weekend.

1969 – 1970’s
The first version of the infamous “Zoom” ident. This ident remained in use until colour television arrived in the Midlands…

1969 – 1982
Possibly the most popular television ident in history, purely because of the animation, which was state-of-the-art at the time. This ident was to be the last version of the ATV idents, as in 1982, the company re-named themselves Central, and television presentation was about to change forever…






Continuity announcers

What Might Have Been…
TV Live has been sent a logo that ATV were planning to use had they kept their name following the franchise round of 1980.
We thank Roddy Buxton for obtaining this logo, and Transdiffusion for the permission to display the picture here.