STV is the brand used by both ITV licensees in Northern and Central Scotland, formerly known as Grampian Television (now legally STV North) and Scottish Television (now legally STV Central) respectively.

From February 2000 both stations started using the same presentation and idents for the channel, with the only difference being “Grampian” or “Scottish”. When the branding was updated in January 2003, dual branding was used on many occasions for slides, promos etc with only 4 boxes instead of the companies name, making it harder for release there was a difference.

The “STV” brand was adopted on Tuesday 30 May 2006 replacing both franchises’ identities. Its positioning, identity and brand guidelines were developed by Elmwood Design’s Edinburgh office. The STV branding was previously used by Scottish Television from around 1970 to August 1985. Both licensees are owned by STV Group plc.

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