STV: 2006-2009

STV is the brand used by both ITV licensees in Northern and Central Scotland, formerly known as Grampian TV (now legally STV North Ltd.) and Scottish TV (now legally STV Central Ltd.) respectively. The brand was adopted on Tuesday 30 May 2006, replacing both franchises’ identities. Its positioning, identity and brand guidelines were developed by Elmwood Design’s Edinburgh office. Both licensees are owned by SMG plc, which also owns such other brands as Virgin Radio and Ginger Productions.

Manager director of STV – Bobby Hain said “We have a new logo which is a bright blue ‘S’. It looks very much like our old logo but is like things being connected together – like two different colours connecting together – and that’s really at the heart of what we do. We connect things together, people watch us and increasingly they’re interacting with us. In relation to the change in name from Scottish TV to ‘STV’, People always call our station ‘STV’. So, I think we should make it easy for everybody and use the name that most people know us by. I think as television moves forward and as broadcasting changes, you have to have an identity that is up-to-date, that’s modern and fit for purpose. And everybody refreshes their look and feel every few years. So, the time is right to do that.”