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The Channel Four Daily (or Channel 4 Daily) was a breakfast television news magazine produced by Independent Television News, in collaboration with other independent production companies for Channel 4. The programme was the first breakfast programme for Channel 4, broadcasting between 06:00 and 09:25 each weekday morning. The first edition of the programme was broadcast on 3 April 1989, with the last edition being broadcast on 25 September 1992.

Conceived as a television newspaper, output was based heavily on news and current affairs. Also, a number of bite-sized feature segments (some live, others pre-recorded) lasting between 5 and 10 minutes were slotted around the news output and were shown several times each day. These included a business programme, Business Daily – which had been on air as a lunchtime programme since October 1987 – sporting discussion (later becoming an international sports report), lifestyles, arts and entertainment, Countdown Masters, an abbreviated version of Countdown and a daily cartoon called Comic Book.

The Channel Four Daily failed to gain enough viewers and the last broadcast was shown on Friday, 25 September 1992. It was replaced with the relatively more popular programme, The Big Breakfast from Monday, 28 September 1992.

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