ITV Morning News

The ITV News at 5:30 was the early morning news bulletin on the British television network ITV. It was produced by ITN.

The 30-minute programme covered British national and international news stories, a brief business update, a look at the mornings newspapers and regular NBC News segments and broadcasts at 5:30am every day. In the event of a major news story, they would occasionally go live to the scene or cross to the newsroom. The programme was mainly presented by Faye Barker or Charlene White, however, due to their other commitments, often a roster of freelance newscaster or ITV correspondents would present instead.

On 27 November 2012, it was announced that ITV was to axe the ITV News at 5:30 in favour of delivering content online for and extra resources to be put into creating a new foreign affairs unit. A total of 15 roles, editorial and technical, were at a risk of redundancy as a result of axing the bulletin. The programme was broadcast for the final time on 21 December 2012.