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Recent Updates

ITV News Meridian

ITV News Meridian is the regional news programme for the ITV Meridian region and part of the ITV Central region, serving South East England.

ITV News West Country

ITV News West Country is a regional news service covering South West England, produced by ITV West Country.

ITV News Cymru Wales

Wales at Six (branded on-screen as ITV News: Wales at Six) is a Welsh national television news programme, produced by ITV Cymru Wales.

ITV News Granada Reports

Granada Reports (branded on-screen as ITV News Granada Reports) is a regional news programme for North West England and the Isle of Man, produced by ITV Granada.

ITV News Channel TV

ITV News Channel TV (formerly Channel Report) is the regional news service on ITV Channel TV. The news service is produced from the main studios of Channel Television in St. Helier, Jersey.

ITV News Central

ITV News Central is a regional television news and current affairs programme, produced by ITV Central, serving the English Midlands.

ITV News London

ITV News London is a regional news programme for the ITV London region (previously Carlton/LWT), produced by ITN.

ITV News Lookaround

Lookaround (branded on-screen as ITV News Lookaround) is a regional television news and current affairs programme, produced by ITV Tyne Tees & Border from its studios in Gateshead.

ITV News Anglia

ITV News Anglia is a regional television news and current affairs programme, produced by ITV Anglia, serving the East of England.

BBC Look North (Yorkshire)

BBC Look North is the BBC’s regional television news service for West, South and North Yorkshire and northern parts of Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire.