Welcome to the Ident Central Poll of 2018. It’s your chance to have your say on the news programmes broadcast in the UK and worldwide.

This year, there are two new categories:

  • UK Political Programme Of The Year
  • Outstanding Achievement Award

Voting will close on Wednesday, 21st December at 5pm. The results will be announced in a YouTube live broadcast on Friday December 23rd at 5pm.


  • We ask for your name and email address in order to weed out any people trying to abuse the system. Your personal details will NOT be used for marketing purposes and will be deleted from our system once the poll has closed, and the results have been announced. We reserve the right to disqualify votes from people who abuse this form.
  • In the presenter categories, you get three votes, but you can only vote for the same person twice. You do not have to use all three votes.