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London Live: 2014-2017

At 6:30pm on 31 March 2014, London Live, the local television service for London, backed by the owner of the London Evening Standard and Independent newspapers, launched in all London boroughs.

BBC Three: 2008-2016

BBC Three rebranded its on air presentation on 12 February 2008 with a new logo and several new programmes.

BBC Three: 2003-2008

BBC Three, the successor to the similar BBC Choice, was a British television channel from the BBC broadcasting only on digital cable, terrestrial and satellite.

BBC Two: 1986-1991

On 30 March 1986, the electronically generated 2 was replaced with the letters T W O.

BBC2: 1979-1986

In 1979, BBC2 adopted the world’s first computer-generated ident, with the logo being drawn live every time it was played.

Outside Source

Outside Source is a news programme produced by the BBC that utilizes social media in the presentation of its stories

Beyond 100 Days

Beyond 100 Days is a current affairs program on BBC World News, focusing on the current US Administration, global politics, Brexit and news from around the world with punches of irreverent wit and fun.

The Papers

The Papers is a daily review of the next day’s papers shown at 22:30 and 23:30 each night on the BBC News Channel.

The Briefing

The Briefing and companion show Business Briefing was launched on Monday 30th October 2017.

Afternoon Live

On 9th October 2017, The BBC News Channel rebranded its afternoon slot as “Afternoon Live”.

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