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Latest Updates

Sky2: 2011-

A new look for Sky2 was launched on 1 February 2011.

Sky Two: 2005-2008

Sky Two was resurrected on Monday, 31st October 2005. It was previously known as Sky One Mix.

Sky2: 1996-1997

Sky 2 was originally a television channel from British Sky Broadcasting, which launched on 1 September 1996 as a sister channel to Sky One, as part of a new bouquet of Sky channels including The Computer Channel and Sky Scottish.

Sky Two

Sky Two is a British digital television channel operated by Sky as a sister channel to Sky One and Sky Witness.

Sky Scottish

Sky Scottish was a short lived satellite television channel operating on the analogue Sky TV service for 18 months (between 1 November 1996 and 31 May 1998).


Our section dedicated to television related tidbits that haven’t got a proper home.

Coming Up Next…

The use of on screen continuity announcers was common on ITV when each region had a distinct identity and their own transmission and continuity facilities.

We Interrupt This Programme

Back in the era where there was no such thing as 24 hour news, the main terrestrial broadcasters used to interrupt programmes with news reports (or newsflashes) when there was a big breaking news story.

And Here Is The News

‘And Here Is The News’ was a programme broadcast to mark the 60th anniversary of Independent Television News (ITN) on September 22nd 1955.

Sky One: 1993-1995

Sky One adopted a new look on 1st September 1993 as part of the launch of the new Sky Multi-Channels package.


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RTE News: 2014-2019

RTE News launched a new look on Saturday 26th April 2014. The new look was designed by RTE Graphic Design.

ITV Regions

ITV is a network of television channels that operate regional television services as well as sharing programmes between each other to be displayed on the entire network.

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